Le CocoBulle

Unique in the Pacific, the CocoBulle is a hot air balloon with an electric motor allowing it to return to the take-off field after 40 minutes of flight.
We make gift vouchers (birthday, Christmas, Easter, Diplomas, Wedding, etc…).

To compensate for the weight of the essential propeller in Polynesia, we have replaced the nacelle with a bench seat and it is only possible to take one person at a time. However, it is possible to change passengers and make 2 flights of about 20 minutes.

We fly every day on reservation in the early morning according to the weather conditions currently on Papara Atimaono.

Landings and takeoffs are very soft. You can see examples on our Facebook page.

Conditions: not to be pregnant and not to weigh more than 100kg.
Nous parlons : French


On-site activities

  • Tourist transport
  • Plane and helicopter sightseeing flights


98712 Papara
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