Embark on a virtual journey through The Islands of Tahiti by exploring highlights from our captivating video library. Dive into the stunning beauty and vibrant culture of this paradise from the comfort of your own home.

The Islands of Tahiti, the perfect place to reconnect with nature, loved ones and yourself

In the heart of the ocean lies a treasure. Here, in The Islands of Tahiti, privacy comes naturally and offers the perfect space to relax, feel safe, and reconnect with nature, our loved ones, and ourselves. In our islands, you’ll experience Mana, the life force that flows through all things. It gives you all you need to feel nurtured and taken care of, enlivened and treasured—a feeling that will stay with you long after you leave our shores.

Diverse scenery, unique culture and a wide range of experiences in The Islands of Tahiti

French Polynesia’s world of oceanic islands offers holidaymakers an almost limitless range of activities, both passive and active. Whether you’d rather spend a leisurely day playing some laid-back golf in Tahiti or catching some sun, there’s so much to do in The Islands of Tahiti that you’ll never want to leave.

Cultural experiences
Cruise experiences
Aquatic activities

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