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Sarl Moorea Water Games

Moorea water games is a water sports center located in Temae inside the Sofitel ia ora.
Moorea water games is a water sport center located inside the Sofitel.We organize several excursions as the lagoonarium snorkeling tour and the seascooter snorkeling tour.The seascooter snorkeling tour is a unique way to explore the reef, you can cover longer distance without effort.We also do Ebike,bike and no licence boat rental.All of our tours are guided by a professional instructor, we always do small group.All the equipment like full face mask, fins… is included on each tour.We organize with you any transfert around the island.


SARL Moorea Water Games
Moorea Water Games, Moorea-Maiao, Polynésie française
98728 Moorea-Maiao
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