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Aqua Polynésie

AQUA POLYNÉSIE has been organizing diving cruises in Polynesia for twenty years.
AQUA POLYNESIA is an organization specialized in the organization of diving cruises in Polynesia since 20 years. Pioneer of the Polynesian diving cruise, we propose exceptional itineraries in total exclusivity. Our most famous cruise is a diving cruise (or not) from Fakarava. It is available in several lengths to fit your availability or your budget, we know how to adapt!
We offer cruises from the main Polynesian archipelagos:

– Central Tuamotu Cruises” from Fakarava,
– Central Tuamotu Cruises” from Makemo,
– Marquesas Cruises” from Hiva Oa,

and many other surprises to discover in this oceanic immensity as vast as Europe…

On request, we also offer very long cruises: Tuamotu – Society, Tuamotu – Marquesas etc…. Of course, we can welcome on board groups of non divers on cruises focused on the discovery of islands and lagoons, at the rhythm of Polynesian customs and folklore.

We have a fleet of 2 boats:
The AQUA TIKI II : for charter cruises, for individuals, cabins or small groups of no more than 8 divers (PRIVATE)
The AQUA TIKI III : intended for PRIVATIVE charter cruises (groups of up to 10 divers)
The 2 ships can together or not, ensure the reception of groups up to 18 divers


Payment options

  • Bank/credit card
  • Cash


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98763 Fakarava
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