Tikehau is considered to be the most fish-rich atoll in the Tuamotu Islands. Millions of fish live in this untouched transparent world. Their volume is so much that Jacques Cousteau’s research crew dubbed it “the most fish abundant Tuamotu atoll”. The only pass on the island is the gathering place for pelagic species and promises to offer you great encounters.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to diving, Tikehau offers all levels of diver the chance to see every type of fish you can imagine.

Fish and coral. c Tahiti Tourisme

Tuheiva pass

No matter what your level of dive skill is, you’ll be able to access the furrows and cavities inhabited by the many varieties of fish that call Tuheiva’s Pass home. Here moray eels, napoleon fish, barracudas, and tuna, frequent the area. And no matter how many days you choose to dive, you’ll always discover something new.


Whether it’s small fish or big sharks, diving the Teoni site offers a wide diversity of creatures to add to your dive log! Here the dive starts along small faults on the seabed where lionfish, moray eels, paddle perch, wrasse, surgeonfish, and white tip sharks are abundant. Heading towards the drop-off you’re then greeted by the dogtooth tunas and the encircling Heller’s barracudas.

Shark diving © Frédérique Legrand


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Whether you’re on a diving vacation or just getting some well’earned rest, Tikehau is a magnificent destination. There are also some superb waves for good surfers and deserted beaches with pink sand for everybody.

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