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Moorea Parasailing

We'll introduce you to an activity that's unique on the island: nautical parasailing!
We are glad to welcome you in our nautical base located at the heart of the Intercontinental Resort & Spa hotel, and in the most beautiful area of Moorea island, opposite to the islets (motu).
We will have you discover a unique activity on the island, the nautical parasailing sport !
Holders of a State Diploma in nautical parasailing and towed devices sport activities, we are two Polynesian persons originating from the marvelous island of Moorea…
We will help you discover our paradise from a totally different angle.
The turquoise blue lagoon is renowned for its rich animal and vegetal wild life.
So sit back, take off and let your eyes fill with mother nature’s show.
Sitting at a height of 150 m, you will be given the chance of admiring so many splendors for about 15 minutes: – The diversity of mountainous terrains and the particular geography of Moorea island is stretching out in front of you. – Below your feet, the contrasting blue colors of the lagoon and the ocean let you catch glimpses of the variety of the sea wild life (rays, fish species, sharks, dolphins and with some chance during the relevant season, whales).
Come and fill yourself with pure excitement in total safety on the most beautiful parasailing boat in French Polynesia.
We speak : French


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Moorea Parasailing
Moorea Parasailing, Moorea-Maiao, Polynésie française
98729 Moorea Maiao
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