Immerse yourself in an adventure for the senses and the spirit when you slow down and see The Islands of Tahiti as the locals do

Feel yourself welcomed into a pristine natural world connected by the heartbeat of ancient culture flowing through the crystal lagoons, the lush forest and the people themselves. When you feel what the locals feel here in The Islands of Tahiti, you will feel something unique in today’s world: you will feel every moment of each day surrounds you like a warm embrace.

« A hi’o i to tatou fenua
A hi’o i to tatou oa oa
A hi’o i to tatou Mana

See our land
See our Joy of Living
See our Mana »

Feel Serene

Luxuriate in an unhurried pace of life that means you can appreciate the riches around you at all times. There’s no need to rush, just relax and see the wonder in everything as the locals do. Walk through the tropical greenery and be mesmerised by the light playing through the trees, have a dream-like swim over a kaleidoscope of corals and colourful fish, or just relax in a hammock and listen to the gentle ocean whispering inside the reef.

Feel Exhilarated

The invitation to ‘Feel What We Feel Here’ is also a call to experience the adventurous side of the local way of life. Whether it’s exploring hidden mountain paths on an e-bike, surfing perfect crystal clear waves, or discovering the traditions of our pearl and vanilla farms you are invited to be more than a tourist, you are invited to journey towards an authentic and meaningful connection with our lands and culture.

Feel Treasured

Mana, the life force of the Tahitian universe, is woven through everything here. It’s the vitality, love, and harmony you will feel, a profound experience that reflects the true spirit of our people and place. To feel touched by Mana is to feel treasured, which is what you will feel here, as the locals do, in The Islands of Tahiti.

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Experience the Mana, the mythical Polynesian force that animates every element. Let yourself be carried away by adventures, enriching encounters, and unforgettable discoveries through a wide range of experiences, each richer than the last

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