The Islands of Tahiti has long been a dream destination, for couples wishing to get married in an idyllic setting. White sandy beaches, turquoise water and superb scenery make an ideal backdrop for a romantic wedding. However, before you can celebrate your wedding in French Polynesia, there are certain formalities to be completed.

If you are French citizens

One of the two future spouses must prove a continuous residence of at least one month in the municipality where the civil marriage will be celebrated. Here are the documents to be sent to the town hall:

  • 1. Birth certificates for the couple dating from less than 3 months (from the wedding date).
  • 2. A proof of residence in the municipality where the ceremony will be held (electricity, water or telephone bill. If the bill is not in the name of one of the future married couple, the person named on the invoice must confirm the residence of one of the couple and provide proof of identity).
  • 3. A notary act if the marriage is subject to a contract.
  • 4. Birth certificates of each child or family booklet
  • 5. Copies of the passport of any adult witnesses with their address and place of employment.
  • 6. For members of the armed forces, a certificate of effective presence.

It takes 10 days for the publication of the banns, which will authorize your wedding.

For foreign nationals, a law voted in 2009 authorizes the civil marriage in The Islands of Tahiti without requiring a period of residences.

Download the documents

Here is a list of documents required to organize a civil marriage in The Islands of Tahiti:

Make the most of your stay in this tropical paradise and create lasting memories on this special day.

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