In Ra'iatea, we offer to deepen in the invisible and immaterial Polynesian world, within the unique framework provided by the sacred island.
We share our practices so that our fundamental values radiate through the ages. Our CULTURE & WELL-BEING excursions promote the local community and support the delicate balance between modernity and tradition, human and nature, past and future.

– Niu escape : half-day wellness in the Tepuhapa valley
– Hiva hiva tau : day immersion in polynesian connection & spirituality
– Rai’atea : island tour day and visit to iconic locations
– Ceremony of connection : the bond of love between 2 people
– Polynesian healing : 3 days of initiation into the art of tahitian care, its philosophy, and technique
– À la carte service : massage delivered to hotels and AIRBNBS on the island
Nous parlons : English, French



  • Massages

On-site activities

  • Health and wellness equipment


98735 Uturoa

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