Tahiti - Moorea

The Te Aito is an outrigger canoe marathon, considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious and challenging va’a races .

Te Aito 2023 Moorea © Te aito events

A race open to international paddlers

The Te Aito is an individual outrigger canoe race for local and international athletes over distances of 4 to 12 miles combining lagoon and open sea depending on the category. It is held every year in May/June in Tahiti or Moorea. The Super Aito is a second individual race for the top paddlers in the Te Aito race. It is a race over a distance of 30 miles, mostly on the open sea.


Te Aito Events

Place: Tahiti – Moorea.
Email : [email protected]

Te Aito 2023 Moorea © Te aito events
Te Aito 2023 Moorea © Te aito events

More than a canoe race, a popular festival

The Te Aito is a popular event which disciplines such as surfski and prone paddleboard SUP races as well as the individual outrigger canoe (Va’a) races.

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