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Fenua Market

Fenua Market who ?

Fenua” for “earth”, “land” in poIynesian and “Market” meaning marketplace, is a brand of the company Fare Rata, the postal operator of French Polynesia.
It is a website available at :

What is the purpose of Fenua Market?

Fenua Market wants to offer a simple and effective way buy online goods from French Polynesia and make reservation for activities for your next trip to Polynesia.

Fenua Market is an intermediary between buyers and sellers, ensuring contact, payment management, order tracking for goods and reservation for activities.

Fenua market is also THE platform for all the artisans of French Polynesia. We are committed to sharing our beautiful culture around the world.

How it works ?

Fenua Market acts as an intermediary between Polynesian sellers and visitors looking for one or more products from resellers, or local crafts.

Fenua Market allows sellers to create their own online store on the platform in order to showcase their products and their business. These products are added to a central product catalog allowing buyers to easily find their way around and purchase efficiently.
We speak : English, French



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Fenua Market
Hotel des Postes, 8 rue de la Reine Pomare IV, 98713 Papeete
98714 Papeete
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