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Set off on an adventure to Polynesia and help us build a more sustainable world to be shared by all.
What we do
We meticulously create expeditions that make sense for you, for us and our planet. Stepping away from the clichéd postcards of Tahiti, we want to come back to the real essence of travelling: exploring the Earth and meeting the Humans. We partner with impact-driven communities and NGOs, eager to preserve our cultural and environmental heritage and build a sustainable future.
☼ EARTH – travelling with us, you will observe and help support local projects to protect species and ecosystems.
☼ HUMANS – travelling with us, you will immerse yourself and help reclaim our Polynesian identity and culture, so beautiful yet so fragile.
☼ DEVELOPMENT – travelling with us, you will participate in impactful projects that support the development of local economy and employment.
Join us on our Polynesian expeditions and help making a more sustainable world for us all to share.


Nani Travels
17a Rue Albert Leboucher, Papeete 98714, Polynésie française
98714 Papeete
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