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Nemo Snorkeling

With NEMO SNORKELING, discover the wonders of the fauna of the Bora Bora lagoon aboard comfortable boats.
With NEMO SNORKELING, discover all the wonders of Bora Bora lagoon’s fauna and landscapes, aboard the greatest boats. Nemo will drive you to the bests spots for snorkeling with Clown Fish (exclusivity), surrounded by tropical fish at the goral garden. meet Manta and Eagle rays, You will be able to observ sharks, and rays in pristine water, from the boat too. Meeting Manta rays is never sure, this company is offering a Manta Pass, which is a 50% discount on the same tour another day (according to availibility), to maximise your chance to meet this mythic giants ! New snorkeling full face masks are available for beginners, with snorkeling initiation too. NEMO Snorkeling tours, for all visitors who came to Bora Bora, to enjoy the most beautiful lagoon of the world.


Nemo Snorkeling
Faanui, Polynésie française
98730 Bora Bora
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