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S.P.R Qantas

Qantas is an Australian airline, recognized as the world's leading long-haul carrier.
Qantas is an Australian airline and is recognized as the world’s leading long-haul airline.
The company offers direct flights or with stopovers from Papeete to other destinations such as: Australia, China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, France etc…
It offers a direct flight from Tahiti Faa’a to Los Angeles, with a flight time of over 7 hours. Flights are scheduled on Fridays and/or Saturdays starting at 7:50 am.
For more information, please visit the company’s website.



  • International flights


S.P.R Qantas
Vaima Shoping Center, Avenue du Maréchal Foch, Papeete, Polynésie française
98714 Papeete
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