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Tamari'i Pointe Des Pêcheurs

Tamari'i Pointe des pêcheurs is a non-profit association created in 2008 to protect Tahiti's marine environment.
Tamari’i Pointe des Pêcheurs is a 1901 law-type association created in 2008, which works to protect the marine environment of Tahiti. Recognized as being of general interest in 2011, it has been taking concrete action since 2014 by restoring degraded parts of the reef.
It provides communication, promotion and coral restoration actions in order to take concrete action in favor of marine biodiversity in a localized manner in the regulated fishing area of ​​Pointe des Pêcheurs in Punaauia.
First of all, raising awareness among the general public and particularly the younger generations, which allows each person to be individually involved in the preservation of coral reefs. Workshops are regularly organized within the association:
* “Eco-citizen” workshops including many games and 4 different activities (knowledge of corals, management of marine and freshwater species resources in the form of a “Rahui and Tapu” game, observation and knowledge of marine mammals, Tri -waste-sustainable development)
* Coral cutting mornings
* Coral sponsorships


Tamari'i Pointe Des Pêcheurs
98718 Punaauia
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