Catch a flight to a corner of paradise. French Polynesia is a land that dreams are made of. Bora Bora, Tahiti, Papeete, the Marquesas Islands; names that conjure up images of white sand, turquoise lagoons and coconut palms. The bloggers and adventurers of the blogspot ‘Les Deux Pieds Dehors’ give 10 reasons why you should jump on the very next flight to The Islands of Tahiti.

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


Traveling in paradise

The Islands of Tahiti have everything you could dream of: white sandy beaches, superb lagoons, turquoise waters perfect for swimming, magnificent hiking trails, luxuriant nature and a warm climate all year round.

Tips for a sustainable stay

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


Welcome to a land of smiles

It’s often said that you’re made to feel at home when you visit French Polynesia, and as soon as you step off the plane in Tahiti, you’ll discover the warmth and kindness of the local population. Nothing artificial, no hidden agenda, just a sincere offer of friendship and welcome.

Why visit Tahiti?

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


A unique experience: a night in an overwater bungalow

The first overwater bungalow was built in French Polynesia, and The Islands of Tahiti is still the ideal place to pass an exotic and unforgettable night. Go to sleep to the sound of waves gently lapping beneath you, and wake up with the turquoise lagoon on your doorstep.

Luxury is an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


Life in the islands

You’ll soon slide into the gentle rhythm of life in the islands. Recharge your batteries and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. All you have to do is relax and take things easy.

Itinerary suggestions

Petit garçon tapant sur un instrument de musique le


The Polynesian culture

The islands are home to a rich and vibrant culture which includes local legends, sacred sites, archeological remains and the mysterious Polynesian Mana.

Tahitian culture

Les eaux turquises des Îles Tuamotu ©Bernard Rubinstein


The waters of the Tuamotu Islands

Lagoons with crystal clear warm water in all the shades of blue and turquoise you can imagine. And in the passes, manta rays, sharks, sea turtles and myriads of multicolored tropical fish.

The Tuamotu Islands

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


A day on an atoll

You marvel at them from the air and these flat island rings around turquoise lagoons are just as idyllic when you set foot on them. Perfect for snorkeling, swimming and basking on the soft white sand in the shade of a coconut palm.

Discover bird island in Tetiaroa

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


The tastes of Polynesia

Fenua or The Islands of Tahiti has a unique cuisine with Polynesian, Chinese and French influences. Fresh produce and traditional dishes like poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk), pua’a roti (roast pork) and po’e banane (banana pudding).

Polynesian cuisine

Pension de famille à Fakarava avec vue sur le coucher du soleil©gregoirelebacon


The diversity of the islands

The people, the islands, the culture, the food: a harmonious, colorful and exotic blend which makes The Islands of Tahiti so rich in experiences and surprises.

Accommodation in The Islands of Tahiti

A Blogger’s Guide to the Best of Tahiti


Tahitian cultured pearls

The Tahitian cultured pearl is a unique gem which reflects the beauty and diversity of The Islands of Tahiti.

Tahitian black pearls

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