Welcome to Rangiroa, the biggest atoll in French Polynesia. Rangiroa is an atoll as surprising and beautiful as Bora Bora, with excellent scuba diving, superb beaches, and a vineyard on a motu in the middle of the lagoon! You’re sure to pass an unforgettable vacation.!

Whether you’re an explorer, a diver or a confirmed sunworshipper, you’ll fall in love with Rangiroa. Our guide will help you plan your vacation in this dream destination in The Islands of Tahiti.

Getting to Rangiroa

Rangiroa is a 50 minute direct flight from Tahiti. We recommend that you reserve in advance to get the best price from one of the two domestic airlines.

Contact the diving centers before you arriv. Choose the sites you want to visit that are suitable for your level. You can visit Rangiroa at any time of year, but the event you shouldn’t miss if possible is the Farerei Haga, Rangiroa’s mini Heiva i Tahiti, which is held every September.

There is a wide choice of accommodation in Rangiroa to suit all budgets. Luxury hotels include the Kia Ora Resort & Spa and the Maitai Rangiroa, which both have superb, beachside settings and propose a host of activities for their clients. For a more authentic experience, that is also more economic, choose from one of the thirty or so family run Tahitian Guesthouses on the island. All are clean and comfortable and offer an insight into the way of life of the local population.

Activities in Rangiroa and some practical advice

Rangiroa is famed for its dive sites and snorkeling spots. Explore the passes at Avatoru and Tiputa and go swimming with manta rays, dolphins and tropical fish. Don’t miss a day trip to the Blue Lagoon. Visit the local pearl farms to learn about the cultivation of the uniquely beautiful Tahitian cultured pearl. And enjoy the culinary delights of Rangiroa, such as fresh poisson cru and grilled mahi mahi.

Remember to bring some eco-friendly suncream with you, sunglasses, mosquito repellant and cash, as there are very few cash dispensers on the island.

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