In the opinion of many, the lagoon in Raivavae is at least the equivalent of the one in Bora Bora. Three days in this island paradise will enable you to make your own decision.

Day 1

Visit the island by bike

The 13 miles road around Raivavae is perfect for cycling. There are no steep slopes like in Rurutu, just a few potholes to watch out for. Borrow or rent a bike from your hosts and set off to explore this lovely island. The scenery is magnificent, whether you’re looking at the majestic green mountains or the sparkling blue lagoon. You’ll come across designated resting places along the way, with bushes specially planted to provide a little shade. If it’s December, you can buy lychees from roadside stands. This delicious fruit is exported all over The Islands of Tahiti from Raivavae in time for Christmas. On Sundays, stop at one of the churches to listen to the harmonious hymn singing and admire the traditional clothes of the parishioners.

Day 2

A day on “swimming pool motu”

Motu Vaiamanu is a very special place in Raivavae. Known locally as motu piscine (swimming pool motu) because of the pool of clear turquoise water in the middle of the motu. It would be hard to find a more perfect, picture postcard setting anywhere in the world. After swimming and basking in the sun for an hour or two, get back in the boat and head for motu Rani, where a lunch of typical local dishes will be waiting for you.

After eating your fill, find a quiet, shaded spot on the beach, and drop off to sleep to the sound of the waves genlty lapping on the shore.

Day 3

Climb mount Hiro

It would be a shame to visit Raivavae without going to the top of mount Hiro. Accompanied by a guide, it will take between one and two hours to reach the 1,437 feet summit, from where the 360° panorama is truly breathtaking. This hike can become very slippery and is best avoided when it rains. Instead, go for a long walk in the countryside, where you can gorge yourself on wild raspberries.

Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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