Known as ‘the island of women’, Huahine is one of the Society Islands. Composed of two mountainous islands, Huahine Nui (big) and Huahine Iti (little), it is reputed for its gentle way of life, authenticity, and history. Here are some suggestions for a four day break on the island.

Day 1

Part 1 

Fare and its quayside

A visit to the island’s main village, Fare, is part of any stay in Huahine. The quayside is a veritable hive of activity early each morning, with colorful market stalls selling local produce and freshly caught fish. The whole island gathers here to sell, buy, or just have a chat. Fare is also the starting point of the famous Hawaiki Nui Va’a outrigger canoe race, held each year in November. To the left of the quay is mount Tavaiura, which, if you look closely, has the form of a pregnant woman. It’s said that Disney was inspired by the contours of Huahine for the ‘living island’ character, Te Feti, in the film ‘Moana‘.

Day 1

Part 2

Huahine i te Mana A’ia’i craft center and Huahine Passion distillery

The island’s main craft center is in Fare. Mother-of-pearl nacre jewelry, bead necklaces, tifaifai quilts, vanilla and monoï products are on display. It is open every day and there are local craftsmen and women present to help you with your purchases. Afterwards, pay avisit to the local distillery, Huahine Passion, where you can taste and buy some of the liqueurs and alcohols made from fruit grown on the island.

Day 2

Round island tour

Visit the island by car, motor scooter, bike or on a four-wheel drive, guided tour. Huahine is composed of two islands, Huahine Nui (big) and Huahine Iti (little), which are linked by a bridge. As you leave Fare, you’ll pass the Fauna Nui salt lake and the marae of Maeva, where you can visit a little museum in the fare pote’e (hut) dedicated to seashells. The museum has a display of over 500 shells, collected by Franck the owner. Your tour continues to the fishpens which were built several centuries ago and are still in use today. Continue on to the village of Faie to see the sacred blue-eyed eels. On your way round the island, you’ll pass fields of melons and watermelons, which are Huahine’s speciality. End the tour with a moment of relaxation on one of the island’s many beaches, from where you can admire the glorious sunset.

Day 3

The lagoon

Explore the lagoon during an excursion on a motorized outrigger canoe. You’ll make stops at various motu for a swim, and at a coral garden where you can enjoy a wonderful snorkeling session. You’ll also visit a pearl farm before going to yet another idyllic motu for a picnic lunch on the beach. Your tour guides will tell you some of the island’s secrets and legends on this magical day of exploration and relaxation.

Day 4

Part 1 


There are several wonderful hiking trails in Huahine, and Terii, the island’s only professional hiking guide, will be delighted to show them to you. Mount Tapu, which is at the end of a 6 mile trail has superb views over Huahine Iti, and on the way you’ll learn much about the local flora and fauna. Mount Pohue, which is on Huahine Iti, rises to 1,509 feet and is a challenging hike, but from the top you have a superb view over the lagoon and the neighboring island of Raiatea.

Day 4

Part 2 

Ma’a Tahiti

After you’ve worked up your appetite with all that hiking, you probably want something substantial to eat. If it’s a Sunday, the best place to go for a traditional ‘ma’a Tahiti’ is Snack Tara in Parea. The ahimā’a earth oven is usually opened at 11 o’clock and the ‘all you can eat’ buffet on the seafront is accompanied by a group of local musicians.

Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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