Maupiti should be on everybody’s list when they visit The Islands of Tahiti. Situated in the Society Islands, just next to Bora Bora, it’s as much of a jewel as its illustrious neighbor. A paradise island full of beauty spots like Motu Tiapaa, where you can relax and let all your cares just drift away.

Motu Tiapaa is at Maupiti’s southern pass, opposite Motu Pitahe. A day spent relaxing in this beautiful little corner of paradise is a day very well spent indeed. Take a boat trip from the village of Vai’ea and on the way you can admire Hotu cliff and Mount Teurafaatiu, which reaches a height of 980 feet. There are three other motu in the atoll, Motu Tuanai in the east, Motu Auria in the west and Motu Tuanai in the north. Maupiti is reputed for its tranquility and beautiful white sandy beaches. There are no large hotels on the island, just family run Tahitian Guesthouses where the welcome is always warm and friendly.

Motu Tiapaa, peaceful and idyllic

Motu is the Tahitian word for an islet on the coral reef, and Tiapaa is one of the most beautiful in The Islands of Tahiti. A veritable island paradise with tropical vegetation and a wide variety of marine life, including colorful giant clams and sea urchins. If you go snorkeling you’ll almost certainly be accompanied by an inquisitive manta ray or two.

There are several Tahitian Guesthouses on the motu each offering half board. Your hosts will make sure that you see all the sites and enjoy all the experiences and activities in Maupiti. The local population is extremely welcoming and friendly and proud that you have chosen to visit their island.

Visit the main island

After a day on Motu Tiapaa, take the time to visit the main island, which has treasures of its own for you to discover. The view over the lagoon from Mount Teurafaatiu is stunning and you can even make out the island of Bora Bora in the distance.

Visit the island of Maupiti ©_Frédéric Cristol
Visit the island of Maupiti ©_Frédéric Cristol

Maupiti is also home to several marae and other historic sites. The island is only 6 miles squared, so you can easily visit by bike, on foot or even go round it in a canoe or kayak. Not far from Motu Tiapaa is Tereia beach, a perfect place to swim and snorkel in clear turquoise water. In the north of the islands, you can scuba dive and swim with the manta rays.

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