Why stay at home in the States or Europe, when you can do your job just as well in The Islands of Tahiti? The tremendous technological progress in communications networks, makes it possible to work from almost anywhere in the world. So why not try working in paradise?

The Islands of Tahiti is the ideal destination for relaxing and leaving the hustle and bustle of modern life behind. If your job means you can’t really do that, then don’t worry, we’ve got the solution: teleworking. just imagine, sitting around the pool of your resort hotel, sipping a cocktail, with your laptop on the table showing the latest sales figures from Head Office. The internet connections in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora are fast and reliable. Of course, the choice largely depends on your particular requirements and your budget. Most hotels can provide perfectly good internet access, as can many of the rental vacations, especially the villas. Over 60 islands have 4g coverage and Tahiti and Moorea have broadband fibre optic connections, thanks to the Honotua fibre optic undersea cable that links Tahiti directly to Hawaii. We’ve selected a few establishments that have excellent facilities.

Luxury hotel in French Polynesia

Working from home, when ‘home’ is a luxury resort in Bora Bora, is now a very real option. Certain hotel complexes have special offers for long vacations. The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora has a 10 night tarif that includes complimentary services. Or you could set your desk up on the terrace of your overwater bungalow at the St Regis hotel, on the same island. And it would be hard to find an office with a better view than the eco-lodge luxury suite at The Brando hotel on the island paradise of Tetiaroa.

On the island of Tahiti, you can carry on working during your family vacation. The Hotel Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa, just outside Papeete, has put in place a coworking program, so that you can use office space while the rest of the family gets on with the vacation! The hotel organizes their day, with yoga sessions, swimming in the pool, kayak excursions on the lagoon, etc. The family is in good hands and having a fun time, and you can concentrate on earning the money to pay for it all!

Vacation rental and Tahitian Guesthouse

When your vacation in The Islands of Tahiti nears its end, you might well be feeling sad about going back home to work. So don’t! Today, the advances in communications technology mean that you can work from almost anywhere. So, check your visa requirements and tay with with us a little longer.

Certain vacation rentals offer preferential tarifs for long stays, with wifi connection, an office space and air conditioning. There are also many family run Tahitian Guesthouses that have excellent internet connections. The time difference means that you’ll have an early start, but your day’s work will be finished by lunchtime, so you’ll be free to spend the afternoon on the beach!

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