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Comité Du Tourisme De Teva I Uta

The TEVA I UTA TOURISM COMMITTEE is an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901.
Its aim is to coordinate and assist tourism stakeholders;
– Implement actions to promote sustainable and eco-responsible tourism;
– Raise awareness of sustainable tourism among the local population;
– Manage and distribute tourist documentation.

The Tourism Committee can also (non-exhaustive list):
– Host and organize events;
– Manage and develop tourist sites;
– Welcome cruise passengers;
– Provide a permanent reception service;
– Market the destination ;
– Marketing tourism products;
– Professionalize the tourism industry;
– At the request of the Tourism Department, express an opinion on requests for public aid in the tourism sector granted by French Polynesia;
– Implement any and all actions designed to relay and participate in the implementation of the country’s tourism policy.


Comité du tourisme de Teva I Uta
PK 44,400 côté montagne
BP 15 134
98726 Teva i Uta
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