Magnificent turquoise and blue lagoons of crystal clear, warm water and beautiful beaches of soft white, black or even pink sand. Welcome to The Islands of Tahiti! Here is our selection of the ten best beaches, but you’ll find equally superb beaches on every island in French Polynesia.

Plage de Matira à Bora Bora_©Marc Gérard Photography


Matira, the legendary beach of Bora Bora

Matira is the most beautiful beach in Bora Bora and one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. This mile of soft white sand, coconut trees and a crystal clear lagoon of turquoise and blue is the stuff of dreams. Each year, Matira Beach is the finishing point of the famous Hawaiki Nui Va’a race.

Pointe Vénus ©_Grégoire Le Bacon


Venus Point: black sand and history

Venus Point is a popular family beach on the east coast of Tahiti, known for its vast stretch of black sand, historic lighthouse and eventful past. There’s no lagoon here and when the swell comes fom the north, it provokes excellent waves for the local surfers. An aquatic trail nearly 1,000 feet from the shore lets you explore the rich marine life with just a mask and snorkel. Before you leave, visit the fare des artisans craft shop next to the car park, where local craftsmen and women sell superb mother of pearl ornaments, pareos and seashell necklaces.

Tetiaroa ©_Tahiti Fly Shoot


Tetiaroa, preserved perfection

Marlon Brando fell under its spell and made it his personal hideaway, but today’s stars of Tetiaroa are the sea turtle, the frigatebird, the brown booby and the white tern. This magnificent atoll off the East coast of Tahiti, is now a seabird sanctuary. Stroll along the unspoiled white sandy beaches and go snorkeling in the clear warm waters of the lagoon. The perfect setting for your Instagram photos!

Plage de Vaiava PK18 © Stéphane Mailion / Service du Tourisme


Vaiava beach at Pk18

The real name of the beach at PK18 is Vaiava beach. It’s a very popular spot on the West coast where its white sand makes it a rarity on the island of Tahiti. The beauty of its lagoon makes it an ideal setting for a picnic with family or friends and the shallow water near the shore is perfectly safe for children. The crystal clear lagoon is ideal snorkeling, especially on the nearby reef, which is home to multitudes of colorful tropical fish for you to observe. Vaiava beach is also a superb spot for paddleboarding or kayaking.

Temae © Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort


Temae beach in Moorea

The vast beach at Temae is an ideal first stop on Tahiti’s sister ilsand Moorea, after the ferry trip from Tahiti. Have a siesta in the shade of a coconut tree, followed by a barefoot stroll along the soft white sand at the water’s edge. It is a perfect spot for swimming, basking in the sun and taking things very easy. A setting that is especially beautiful in the very early morning, as the first rays of sunshine appear in an explosion of color over the island of Tahiti.

Avea à Huahine ©Tahiti Tourisme


Avea beach in Huahine, a taste of the past

Avea beach, on Huahine’s smaller island, Huahine Iti, is a unique botanical setting. Its preserved flora has been spared the usual unchecked planting of coconut trees. A stroll along the many miles of beach is a voyage that takes you three hundred years back in time, to an age when many different varieties of trees grew along the coast. Some of those varieties are now in danger of extinction. An almost historical experience in a very singular setting.

Pointe de Tereia à Maupiti©_Michael Runkel


Tereia point in Maupiti

Known as “lovers beach”, Tereia Point is a magnificent natural setting, with a truly romantic air about it. Tranquility, beauty, and intimacy – what more could lovers want? After a swim in a natural, heated pool, you can walk back to motu Auira through the shallow water of the lagoon, with majestic manta rays gliding past you.

Baie d'Anaho à Nuku Hiva © Grégoire Le Bacon


Anaho Bay in Nuku Hiva

You can get to Anaho Bay by boat or you can go on a long hike which takes over an hour. Either way, when you arrive you’ll enjoy superb views over the island’s luxuriant vegetation and one of the most beautiful bays in The Islands of Tahiti. Then you can relax on the soft white sandy beach, sheltered from the wind and the ocean waves. With no reef, but just a coral shelf around them, the Marquesas Islands offer an environment that is both invigorating and rejuvenating.

Plage de Rurutu © Michael Runkel


The deserted beach of Tai o Ra’a in Aukena

The beach of your dreams might well be Tai o Ra’a beach on Aukena in the Gambier Islands. This tiny, almost uninhabited island was once home to the first seminary college in French Polynesia. You can visit the ruins not far from the ancient village of Anaputaroa. Afterwards, sit in the shade of the surrounding trees and admire the superb views over the magnificent turquoise lagoon and Mount Duff on the neighboring island of Mangareva.

Plage Tavana à Tubuai © Evaina Teinaore


Tavana beach in Tubuai

For a short while, Tavana beach was home to the Bounty muineers. This beautiful, peaceful setting saw some fierce fighting with the islanders who eventually chased them away. This earned it the name ‘Bloody Bay’. The white sandy beach directly opposite the pass is the best spot in Tubuai for snorkeling to admire the great variety of marine life. If you’re an early riser, you can watch the arrival of the supply boat from the Austral Islands.

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