Tahiti, in the heart of the South Pacific, is the biggest and best-known island in French Polynesia. A land of majestic mountains, lush green valleys, waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, superb sandy beaches. Here’s our guide to the 10 most beautiful landscapes on the island.

Visit to the three waterfalls © Grégoire Le Bacon


The three waterfalls and the Trou du Souffleur

A pleasant and peaceful trail leads you to the base of three impressive waterfalls, also known as Faarumai waterfalls. The Trou du Souffleur blowhole on the nearby coast is a wonderful site where waves surge into a big cavity in the cliff and the pressure sends a spectacular spout of water into the air.

Maroto waterfall © Myles McGuinness


The valley of the Papenoo

Formed by the collapse of an ancient volcano, the valley of the Papenoo stretches over a few dozen kilometers. You can explore the valley on a hiking trail, by bike or on a four-wheel drive ATV excursion. Magnificent countryside with mountains, waterfalls, rivers and luxuriant vegetation .


Taravao lookout © Kristiyan Markov


Taravao Plateau

The Taravao plateau is on Tahiti’s peninsula, Tahiti Iti, and offers superb views over the isthmus that connects the two islands. Lush green countryside with herds of roaming cattle are in stark contrast with the island’s white sandy beaches.

Top 10 of Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Landscapes


Fenua Aihere

To explore Fenua Aihere is to plunge into the unspoiled wilderness of Tahiti iti. This nature reserve on the peninsula of Tahiti Iti is ideal for hiking enthusiasts, with trails that wind through lush green valleys, steep cliffs and crystal clear rivers.

Tree climbing at the Tahiti lookout © Myles McGuinness


The Belvedère of Aorai

The Belvedère scenic viewpoint at Pirae offers a magnificent panorama of Papeete, the majestic green mountains of Tahiti, the turquoise lagoon, and the island of Moorea. A perfect spot for photos and admiring the natural beauty of the island.

Black sand beach in The Islands of Tahiti © Jim Winter


The black sand beaches of the east coast

The black sand beaches of the east coast are in complete contrast with the picture postcard white sand elsewhere on the island. Quiet, unspoiled beaches that are perfect for swimming and enjoying a family picnic.

Top 10 of Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Landscapes


The Lavatubes

Explore the mysterious lavatubes in Hitia’a on the east coast. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, these slightly eerie geological formations lead you through the rocky mountainside to superb waterfalls and freshwater pools.


Top 10 of Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Landscapes


The water gardens of Vaipahi

Discover the beauty and tranquility of the water gardens of Vaipahi. A magnificent haven of peace where you can relax and take a stroll among the ponds and admire the tropical plants and flowers


Mara'a cave © Tahiti Tourisme


Paofai Park and Mara’a caves

Paofai Park is situated in the heart of Papeete. It has a sports field, a picnic area, superb views over the lagoon and a small train to take you for a gentle tour. Mara’a caves are located in Paea and are a great stop to freshen up.

Top 10 of Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Landscapes


Enjoy the sunset

Once you’ve seen all the sights in Tahiti, enjoy the glorious sunset over the island of Moorea. The best places to admire the glorious display are in Mahina, at the Tahara’a scenic viewpoint or from the beach at Venus Point in Mahina, or in Punaauia at Vaipopoo park or from the gardens of the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands.

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