Take off in a helicopter to fly to the most romantic island in the world: Tupai, in the Society Islands. Tahiti Nui Helicopters proposes 30 minute flights to this island paradise, from another island paradise, Bora Bora. Once you’ve flown the 6 km that separate the two islands, Tupai emerges from the ocean in the shape of a heart. What more could lovers ask for?

Of course you don’t have to be a couple passionately in love to appreciate a helicopter flight to Tupai. In fact, you don’t even have to be a couple, although this beautiful heart-shaped island certainly has a romantic feel to it. Tupai is a protected atoll that is permanently uninhabited, except for the occasional visit from workers in the copra-producing coconut plantations. The shallow, sandy lagoon is sublime; a vision of tranquility, in all the shades of turquoise and blue, with pristine white beaches almost all the way round. You would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque setting. Your pilot will also give you a short flight over Bora Bora before you land, so in fact, you get to see two island paradises in one go!

A half-day excursion to Tupai

There are many different geological marvels in The Islands of Tahiti, and one that seems to have been scuplted by nature especially for lovers, is the island of Tupai. A 30 minute flight with Tahiti Nui Helicopters takes you to this heart-shaped island paradise. Your pilot will make sure that you can photograph the atoll from all the best angles, so please don’t forget your camera! The protected shallow lagoon teems with marine life and the island is also home to many different species of birds. In November, sea turtles visit this protected site to lay their eggs.

Tupai is a veritable treasure of The Islands of Tahiti, and a 30 minute flight over this beautiful atoll is an unforgettable experience that we would recommend to anyone visiting Bora Bora. Your pilot will also be your guide, and he’ll point out all the places of interest on Tupai, including the copra plantations and the beaches where sea turtles come to nest every November. As a bonus that’s included in the price, your flight also gives you a breathtaking aerial view of Bora Bora, the ‘Pearl of the Pacific.’

Reserve your helicopter flight to Tupai

The airline that flies to Tupai is Tahiti Nui Helicopters, a well-established and very professional company, that owns a small fleet of helicopters serving the tourist market. The flights are for a minimum of 4 passengers, and last about 30 minutes from take-off to landing and travel about 20 miles. The company will try its best to arrange the flight times to suit your requirements when you make your reservation.

Tahiti Nui Helicopters will bend over backwards to accommodate your desired flight schedule, and as the weather conditions in The Islands of Tahiti are usually perfect for flying, they can normally satisfy every request. If you go in the morning, you’ll be back in time for lunch at your hotel. And if your excursion is in the afternoon, then you can prolong the romantic atmosphere with a candlelit dinner for two, on the terrace of one of Bora Bora’s many seaside restaurants.

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