The peninsula is the perfect place for lovers of nature, authenticity and of course, surfing. Known by Tahitians as Tahiti Iti, the peninsula is of volcanic origin, mountainous and untamed. Take the time to explore this unique and special part of Tahiti during your visit to French Polynesia.

Tahiti is two islands linked together by the isthmus of Taravao. The big island, Tahiti Nui and the little one, Tahiti Iti. In guidebooks, Tahiti Iti is also known as Fenua here hia te atua (the land loved by the gods) or Fenua Aihere (Bushland), but above all, it’s known as somewhere peaceful, far from the hurly burly of Papeete. The peninsula is untamed nature, superb dive spots, whale watching and surfing!

Surfing, beaches and spectacular views

The peninsula is known worldwide because of the legendary wave at Teahupoo. A day’s visit begins with stops at Pu’unui and Vairao where you get your first taste of the wild and mysterious atmosphere in Tahiti Iti. PK0 (the point from where distances are measured on the peninsula) is where you take the boat to see ‘jaws’ up close. It is one of the best and heaviest left-breaking waves in the world and is only suitable for the very best surfers. Each year it is home to an international surfing competition.

But there’s far more to the peninsula than Teahupoo. Go up to the Taravao plateau where the views are truly inspiring – a photographer’s dream. The large herd of cows in the lush green fields gives the plateau an air of Normandy. Continue your visit by going to the magnificent black sand beach at Tautira. Later, you can go to the white sand beach on the west coast.

Diving, caves and nautical activities

Another jewel in the crown of the peninsula lies underwater. Diving enthusiasts have caves to visit, shipwrecks, passes, dropoffs and a stunning diversity of marine life. It is ideal for improving and perfectioning diving skills.

Whale season in The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti iti is a superb venue for any type of nautical activity. Paddleboard, kayak, jetski, sailing, windsurfing; whatever your sport, the conditions are excellent. From August to November, you can admire the humpback whales that come up from the Antarctic to mate and give birth in the warmer waters around Tahiti Iti. And at any time of year, you can thrill to the sight of dolphins leaping and diving in the waves.

Hiking and excursions

There are numerous hiking trails for you to explore.Try the one to Te Pari along the foot of its black cliffs. It is always better to use the services of a local guide who will not only ensure your safety, but also embellish the hike with some of the tales and legends of this mysterious place. Because Tahiti Iti is also a land of Mana, the spiritual force that links Polynesians to their ancestral past. It’s what makes the hairs on your arms stand up and your spine tingle.

The wild fenua ‘aihere ©Ra’i Mao

After visiting Tahiti Iti, go a little further in your exploration of The Islands of Tahiti. Moorea, an island as famous as Bora Bora, is just next door. You’re sure to enjoy its beautiful scenery, with majestic mountains, deep bays and a superb lagoon.

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