The island of Moorea is known for its beautiful scenery, both on land and at sea. The mountainous island is sometimes likened to a majestic cathedral rising up towards the heavens. A visit to Moorea should be a part of any vacation in The Islands Of Tahiti.

The island of Moorea is in the heart of the Society Islands, just a few miles by ferry from Tahiti. It is one of the prettiest islands in French Polynesia, with scenery that rivals the so-called “Pearl of the Pacific” itself, Bora Bora. The coastline is nearly 40 miles long, with two grandiose bays and beaches of soft white sand. There are eight mountain peaks on the island and the hills and valleys are ideal for hiking, with trails for hikers of all levels. The center of the island is uninhabited and is an unspoiled treasure for nature lovers. The volcanic peaks, luxuriant vegetation, bays, beaches and crystal clear turquoise water make Moorea a veritable island paradise. You can visit as part of a cruise on the Paul Gauguin. When you leave Moorea, the cruise itinerary will take you to several other jewels in The Islands of Tahiti, such as Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha’a.

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Mountains and lagoon

There are eight mountain peaks in Moorea, the highest of which is Mount Toheia, reaching nearly 4,000 feet. The mountains are covered with lush green vegetation and vast tropical forests. There is a superb scenic viewpoint, called Belvedere, that you can climb to as part of the pineapple hiking trail. Located in the hills at Opuhonu, it offers magnificent views over the island and the lagoon. The trail starts in either of the two emblematic Bays on the island of Moorea, Opuhonu Bay and Cook’s Bay.

Like most of The Islands of Tahiti, Moorea has a magnificent lagoon. The size of the lagoon and the glorious turquoise and blue water are a stunning sight when you first arrive. Moorea has a particularly rich biodiversity.and the idyllic motu islets are the perfect setting for a day’s swimming and snorkeling. The coral reef is teeming with sealife, including myriads of tropical fish, manta rays, dolphions, sea turtles and harmless blacktip sharks. You can also take an excursion to observe humpback whales during the mating season, from july to november.

Best ways to enjoy this natural heritage

There’s a lot to see and do in Moorea, so it’s best visit for at least two or three days. A superb island for hiking, don’t miss the trails to Mount Rotui, three coconut tree pass and the viewpoint of Belvedere at Opunohu Bay. You can follow some of the trails by bike, e-bike or quad ATV. If you prefer to spend your time in the water, rather than on the mountains, you can take a diving excursion or go snorkeling to admire some of the most spectacular underwater scenery in The Islands of Tahiti.

Be inspired


Moorea has many unique experiences to offer visitors looking for adventure and discovery. Follow the pineapple trail and taste some of the island’s deliciously sweet fruit, and sample the rums and spirits produced from them. And, for an unusual ecological experience, adopt a piece of coral and assist in its plantation on the reef. You’ll experience something different in Moorea.

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