With its magnificent scenery, turquoise lagoons and rich ancestral culture, French Polynesia is a dream destination for visitors from all over the world. To preserve the unique natural beauty of The Islands of Tahiti, it is essential that tourists visit in an eco-responsible manner.

Here is a suggested itinerary for a three day break to discover The Islands of Tahiti in a way that is respectful of the environment.

Day 1

Tahiti’s peninsula

Part 1

Tahitian Guesthouse

Start your break by going to Teahupoo on the Tahiti Iti peninsula and checking in to a Tahitian Guesthouse. These family run businesses are often set in magnificent surroundings, either on the beach or on the tropical mountainside.

You’ll get a good insight into the daily lives of a typical Tahitian family, and your hosts will be able to advise you of the best tourist attractions and sites to visit. They will also share some of the local tales and legends with you over dinner.

Discover Tahitian guesthouses
Pension de famille à Tahiti © Tahiti Tourisme
Imprégnez-vous de la culture tahitienne au sein d'une pension de famille © Hélène Havard La vague de Teahupoo ©Grégoire Le Bacon LionAiles

Part 2

Hiking and poisson cru

There are several Tahitian Guesthouses nestled in the Fenua Aihere, and cut off from the rest of the world in beautiful natural surroundings. There are no roads in this southern part of Tahiti, so it is only accessible by boat.

You’ll find some superb hiking trails on which you’ll discover the lush vegetation and hidden treasures of this isolated paradise. At the end of the day, you’ll be ready for a typical Tahitian meal at your guesthouse, including a mouthwatering poisson cru.

Cook raw fish with coconut milk
Fenua aihere ©_Ra_i Mao
Dégustez un bon poisson cru au lait de coco © Ra'i Mao

Day 2

Tahiti’s West Coast

Sailing the traditional way

Leave the peninsula and head for the east coast, where you’ll be able to experience an important part of Tahitian culture: navigating a traditional Polynesian outrigger sailing canoe.

Your guide will explain how the early Polynesian navigators sailed across the Pacific Ocean without the aid of a satnav or even a simple compass.

Va'a Ta'ie ou pirogue à voile © Myles McGuinness
Initiation à la navigation traditionnelle © Myles McGuinness

There are several companies that propose excursions by outrigger sailing canoe. Opting for this eco-responsible activity, is a way of supporting the preservation of a traditional aspect of Polynesian culture.

Without this support, these traditional sailing boats could be reduced to museum pieces and the ancestral navigation techniques to anecdotes in history books. So, not only will you have hours of fun, you’ll also be helping to keep the traditional culture of Tahiti alive.

Discover traditional sailing
Une pirogue à voile traditionnelle © Tahiti Tourisme
Initiation à la pirogue à voile traditionnelle © Tahiti Tourisme

Day 3


Part 1

Opunohu by bike

Take a day trip to Moorea. Head for the valley of Opunohu and visit the Te Fare Natura eco-museum. You’ll learn much about the biodiversity of French Polynesia and the importance of preserving the region’s unique environment.

After your visit to the museum, hire an ebike and set off to explore Opunohu. A gentle, eco-friendly way to discover the beautiful scenery of this wonderful valley. At the end of the morning, visit the tree-top adventure park at Papetoai.

An eco-friendly and fun experience, with four courses available that include walking nets and bridges, swings, rope ladders, and zip lines.

Discover Opunohu valley
Te Fare Natura © Grégoire Le Bacon
Te Fare Natura © Grégoire Le Bacon Faire le tour de l’île en vélo électrique©_Grégoire Le Bacon

Part 2

Adopt a coral

In the afternoon, visit Coral Gardeners in Paopao, where you can adopt a piece of coral that will be replanted in the coral reef. You’ll learn about the different corals and the dangers that face them, and at the same time you’ll be making an active contribution to their preservation, and that of the entire marine biosystem.

We recommend that you seek the services of travel agents that organize vacations respectful of the environment, culture and local communities. There is a wide choice of ecological accommodation and activities that respect the marine diversity, so insist that your vacation in The Islands of Tahiti be eco-responsible .

Adopt a Coral in Moorea
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Plage de Rurutu © Michael Runkel

Tips for
a sustainable stay

The Islands of Tahiti are filled with Mana. This vital force that connects all living beings and is experienced in the culture’s rhythm, traditions, environment and nature. From this force, the lasting link between man and nature is derived. A link that must be protected, maintained and promoted. The Islands of Tahiti are unique and fragile at the same time, they are home to a community and an ecosystem that must be preserved. Discover how to travel responsibly and enjoy every moment in The Islands of Tahiti.

Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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