French Polynesia, with its white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and lush green vegetation is a veritable tropical paradise.The South Sea Island scenery is just perfect for taking photos to embelish your Instagram page. Here are 10 of the best spots, that will make superb souvenirs and turn your followers green with envy.

Bora Bora landscape © Hélène Havard


Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific.

Bora Bora is one of the best known islands in French Polynesia. Overwater bungalows, the world’s most beautiful lagoon and a host of idyllic motu, make it a perfect destination for photo enthusiasts. Whether it’s photographed in startling color, or artistic black & white, Bora Bora is always a veritable picture postcard!

Bora Bora

View of Mount Rotui in Moorea


Moorea, the island of lovers

Just a few kilometers from Tahiti, the island of Moorea is stunningly beautiful. Emerald green mountains reflected in the blue lagoon will add sunshine and color to your Instagram page. Climb to the Belvedere scenic viewpoint in Opunohu, and start pressing the shutter button!


Tetiaroa ©_Tahiti Fly Shoot


Tetiaroa, island of the stars

Tetiaroa was once the vacation home of one of the world’s biggest film stars, Marlon Brando. Today, the stars of the island are the birds and sea turtles that reside in this magnificent island paradise. It is certainly one of the most picturesque places in The Islands of Tahiti.


Ua Huka landscape in the Marquesas © Grégoire Le Bacon


The untamed beauty of the Marquesas Island

The Marquesas Islands are an untamed and unspoiled paradise. The rugged beauty of the volcanic peaks and the rich, luxuriant valleys are a dream landscape for photographers. The many archeological sites will give your pictures an authentic and mystical atmosphere.

Îles Marquises

Taha'a black vanilla © Tahiti Tourisme Gregoire LE BACON


Taha’a, vanilla island

This beautiful island owes its nickname to the many vanilla plantations in its lush green interior. A calm and peaceful place with a an air of yesteryear. Taha’a also has many idyllic motu with superb deserted beaches, the perfect setting for a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ photo shoot.


Mountain view on Raiatea©_Alika Photography


Raiatea, the sacred island

Considered the birthplace of Polynesian civilization and culture, Raiatea is a beautiful, mountainous island, that is rich in history. The many archeological sites are perfect for holiday snaps, and the most important site of all, the marae of Taputapuatea, is an tremendously spiritual setting, ideal for documentary photography.


Hana Iti Beach © Huahine - French Polynesia


Huahine, the authentic island

Huahine is known as the authentic island because of its unmistakably Polynesian ambience. Botanical gardens, archeological sites and beautiful countryside are ideal settings for roaming with a camera in search of the unusual. The blue-eyed eels of Faie are a startling subject for a photo.


Motu on Rangiroa c Tahiti Tourisme


Rangiroa, the atoll of marvels

The magnificent coral atoll of Rangiroa is a divers paradise. Its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life are also perfect for underwater photography. Pictures of manta rays, tropical fish, dolphins, sea turtles and sharks, will all make spectacular additions to your collection of wildlife photography.


Whale jumping out of the water c Tahiti Tourisme


Rurutu, a hidden jewel

Rurutu a small island in the Austral Islands, will add magnificent shades of green and blue to your Instagram feed. Superb panoramic vistas from the top of its steep cliffs and the mysterious, haunting, atmosphere of its caves, provide contrasting, but equally superb settings. During the mating season, you can photograph whales from up on the cliffs.


View of Ua Pou, Vaiehu_© Bertrand Duquenne


The flower stones of Ua Pou

Ua Pou is home to a unique treasure: flower stones. These beautiful, geological marvels look as though they’ve been decorated by hand. Framed photos of them would make a perfect souvenir of your visit to this magical island.

Ua Pou

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